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History of the LAPL - 2000's

We began the new millennium, 2000 with continuing shifts in team membership. Bananas slipped away, Catch One became a "Catch 22" by closing on Tuesdays (with a shift of its players to Mavericks), the Boulevard returned to our ranks after an extended absence, and Chico's joined us for the first time from Montebello. For the first time, the Board allowed two single teams from Motherlode and Escapades to pair together as sister teams to protect the loss of two bars which could only field one team each. Total teams, thirty-two; total participating clubs, seventeen.  Two important changes in League policies were voted in at the January Captains' meeting.  By a vote of twenty-two to zero with three abstentions, the Captains endorsed a Board recommendation that team dues be increased to $160 per team, a long delayed action necessitated by rising costs for all League activities.  The Captains also voted to hold team play-offs prior to Individuals' play-offs so that winning team members would not dilute the Individuals' competition.  Janell McKane was welcomed to the Board as League Statistician.  At the L.A. sponsored Forty-First W.C.C., the team championship returned to the League courtesy ofthe W.C.C. hosted Shooters team of Ward, Bailey, Bustamante, José Bermudez and Gibbi Tkatch.

Fall 2000, our fifty-fourth season began with the return to League leadership of Jeffrey Hersh, elected in the Spring along with other ex-Presidents Dale Correll, John Cochran, and Bill Dehn.  Unfortunately, ill health prevented Dale from assuming his Board duties before the season began.  Despite losing Chico's and Mavericks, team membership jumped to a surprising thirty-eight teams with the addition of new teams from Lil' Wonder Bar (L.A.) and Encounters (Pasadena), full sister teams from Motherlode and Escapades, and eight (8!) teams from Stevan Bailey's Rawhide-Shooters. For the first time in League history, at the suggestion of Scott Holecek, voting rights at our startup Captains' Meeting were given to any member in attendance, not just the team Captains.  A Hersh goal was to strengthen the League's financial status.  Under his guidance and with his financial support the Weekly Standingswere mailed to all League members.  Better publicity for our special fund-raising tournaments including a new special tournament for "New Players and Under Five-Hundred" greatly increased member participation and the balance of our League treasury (watched carefully by Treasurer Bill Dehn and auditor Terry Irwin).  Fall season brought with it the efforts of a Hershinspired Rules Committee that simplified, condensed, and clarified League rules of play.  In October, League stalwart Bob Holden passed away leaving more than twenty years of League participation and contributions behind him; among those contributions, Bob was a winner of "The Mike LaVoie
Award" in 1981, and co-founder of the summer Nine-Ball League in 1982.  The highlight of our W.C.C. competition in San Francisco was the first place finish of Mele De Victoria in the Women's Tournament, her third such title and tying her with Angie Costa (L.A.) and Jonnie LeMaster of Long Beach.  

Spring 2001 was a season of change. It began with the retirements from the Board of Governors of Glenda Davis, Lauren Ward and, most notably, Chris Yamagata.  Before stepping down Chris had completed sixteen straight seasons of service, by far the longest Board tenure of any woman in League history.  The team count dropped from thirty-six to thirty-two, not counting Rafters change-of-name to FUBAR for "F ---- d Up Beyond All Recognition."  In May, the League lost two of its foremost citizens: Paul Bussiere and Dale Correll.  Paul, a League member since the early 1970's, was one of its very finest shooters in both League and W.C.C. competition in the subsequent decades. More importantly, he had no equal in caring for the League's principles of fair play, fine sportsmanship and the love of the Eight-Ball game.  Beisel awardee Dale Correll, after years of Board service, including one as League president, passed away peacefully following a lengthy illness.  The happiest note of the season was the accomplishment of Prez Jeffrey Hersh and Stevan Bailey of Rawhide-Shooters in achieving an agreement with Miller Lite for their sponsorship and financial support of League activities.  The season ended on other positive notes. Glenda Davis was given a Special Recognition Award for her past service as League Historian, long-term board member and three term League president.  Once again a Lauren Ward-Stevan Bailey-Frank Bustamante team, this time with Jose Bermudez, Gibbi Tkatch, and Frank Novelo, won the team title at the Forty-Third W.C.C. in San Diego.  Fall Season started with some League firsts! Janell McKane became the first woman president in the League's fifty-sixth season.  The League's fledgling website came of age thanks to the efforts of Bill Hoover and James Prather, and for the first time in decades the League adopted a new logo designed by member Angelo Pacella.  For the first time, Jeffrey Hersh and Bill Hoover combined talents to produce a season "GUIDE" together, and for the first time in twenty-three straight terms Bill announced that he would not be returning to the Board of Governors in the coming season (he had had eleven other Board membership seasons before starting the string of twenty-three).  For his many accomplishments, including a record breaking eleven seasons as League leader between 1983 and 2000, Bill was the recipient of a Special Recognition Award. January, 2002 the Forty-Fourth W.C.C. competition in Long Beach was unusually tough, but our Hi/Lo team of Jon Bourgault and Ricardo Man prevailed to capture a first place trophy.  

Spring '02: Janell McKane oversees the final publication of the Guide assembled in great part by Jon Bourgault.  Janell concludes her six terms on the Board with two seasons of outstanding service as our first female President.  Her prior service as Statistician is also considered the "gold standard."  Gay Games VI: Summer: Sydney, Australia - two medal winners from our league! Jon Bourgault wins the Bronze and Jeff Lee wins the Silver medal in 9 - ball.

Fall '02: Janell McKane acts as sole Publisher of the Guide.  John Cochran succeeds Janell as League President.  Jay Belleville, our first President and one of our five founders, passes away on October 1st. January '03 - SF WCC XLVI - Rick Ayres and Kerri Frasca win the HI/LO.

Spring '03: At the May Awards Banquet, Janell McKane is presented with a well-deserved Special Recognition Award for her outstanding service as Statistician and President of the League.  She had also
tackled the tedious task of updating the vast mailing list.

Fall '03: At the Oxwood Awards Banquet, John Cochran is presented with the Special Recognition Award in celebration and praise for his twenty-seven terms on the Board of Governors including five as President.  He has been an outstanding fund raiser and Statistician.

Spring '04: MoonShadow hosted the Awards Banquet.  Two Special Recognition Awards are presented: To Ron Oliver, thanking him for his tenure as League Treasurer, Boulevard Captain and League Auditor.  His thorough reporting of our fund raising events helps the Board make informed decisions about our prospective Events Calendar.  Our appreciation was also directed to Angelo Pacella.  His professional background in art and design contributed mightily to the Guide, Fund Raising posters, post cards to the membership; print and on-line advertising appearing in Frontiers, Adelante, LN and
other sports and community publications.  John Savolainen, receives the John E. Isakson Award for his reliable, multi-year support of our Guide advertising and donations of pool supplies from AAA Billiards.  Darlene Cass takes first place in the WCC Women's Tournament in July as we host at THE MIX in Montrose.

Spring 2005: In January at WCCL a West Coast Challenge Hall of Fame is created. Each city presents a list of charter members to be inducted.  The Los Angeles group includes Paul Bussiere(•), Frank Bustamante, John Cochran, Joe Dale, Jack Frohman, Jeffrey Hersh, Bob Holden(•), Bill Hoover and Lauren Ward.  The induction is set for WCCLI in San Diego in July '05. (•posthumously).

Spring 2006: Long time member Joseph Nealon assumes the Presidency.  James Prather retires from the BOG after years of service as Rules Chair, Webmaster, and Secretary.  Phil Stephens elected in his first appearance on the ballot.  Phil is instrumental in the return of the Gold Coast after a long hiatus.  MoonShadow owners Sharon and Cindy host(ess) our Awards banquet.  It is our turn to host the Challenge.  WCCLIII is held at the Airtel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys.  Stevan Bailey and David Boyd were inducted into the WCC Hall of Fame.  Pauley Pace takes 6th and David Boyd takes 8th place in the Open Individuals.  Gay Games VI: July - Chicago - Rick Ayres wins the Gold Medal in 9 ball. The firstInternational Outgames - July/August - Montreal - Jon Bourgault wins two bronze medals - 8 and 9 ball.

Fall 2006: Board appoints Russ Pepin as Treasurer and Jeffrey Hersh as President to fill two vacancies beginning July 2006.  Jon Bourgault with assistance from Bill Hoover begins a major upgrade of the League website.  Dale Beatie begins his reign as Fund Raising Chair.  Phil Stephens assumes the mantle of Statistician.  The Lodge changes ownership with their teams relocating to C-Frenz (formerly Bananas and Incognito). The Faultline and Study opt to close on Tuesdays.  MJ's team dissolves.  The Spotlight returns to the League after nearly a 20 year absence.  Bill Hoover allows his name to be absent from the Fall BOG ballot to take a well deserved and much needed, temporary hiatus from daily BOG duties at the conclusion of San Francisco hosted WCC LIV in January '07.  As Guide Publisher, 14 term President and multi-season Statistician, his contributions essentially swamp all others.  Akira Ohmori wins the Open Individuals.  Tom Nicholson receives "Special Recognition Award" for his contributions to the League scheduling.  Jack Plimpton is presented with the "Sportsmanship Award" - A very rare presentation indeed! - Oxwood hosts the awards banquet.

Spring '07: Shauna Madrigal coordinates with the Terri and Willie Farrell (owners of the Penthouse Billiards) to facilitate their entry as sponsors for the first time.  Three teams locate there for the first season.  Spotlight drops out again.  Jox is sold and withdraws for this season.  FUBAR takes a breather too.  Roosterfish reduces to one team headed by Walt Elk.  Jon Bourgault takes over as Guide Publisher.  Dale Beatie wins his fourth LAPL Open Individual championship and wins fifth place in the WCC LV Open Individuals.  MoonShadow hosts the awards banquet.  Cindy and Sharon receive the John E. Isakson Memorial Award for outstanding contribution by a sponsor.  Ginger Lewis, a new member, captures fourth place in the Women's Tournament at WCC LV in San Diego.  Joe Nealon resigns from the BOG due to the time pressure of work related responsibilities.  The Board votes to appoint Russ Pepin to fill the slot and he continues in his post as Treasurer.  Phil Stephens, Jake Fisher, Mike Harris and other supporters from the Gold Coast represent us at CSW donating their time and tips to the League.  30 year LAPL member Ricky Bravo and partner Gibbi Tkatch win the WCC Hi/Lo.

Fall '07: In an effort to expand the West Coast Challenge experience, the members vote to award the 8th place LAPL Open Individual slot to the winner of our "Bottoms Tournament" (.500 and under 10 week average).  The first winner to represent us is Penthouse player, Douglas Bigger.  Russ Pepin receives the "Special Recognition Award" affirming our ongoing appreciation for his tireless efforts, especially in the office of Treasurer.  Jeffrey Hersh is presented with his second Marvin Beisel Award at the conclusion of his 14 terms as President.  Shauna Madrigal's "Penthouse Pirates" win their first LAPL team championship.  LA takes the top three Open Individual slots at WCC LVI (56) in January '08 along with a second place Women's finish by Linda "Bo" Bowman.  Bill Hoover returns as Guide Publisher.

Spring 2008: During the regular season, on a trial basis, new players will have unlimited time outs.  Dues are increased to $200.00 per team.  Player personnel changes are now permitted with a 24 hour notice period replacing the "one week in advance" rule.  The Individual and Women's playoff tournaments are placed on a one minute "shot clock" to facilitate play.  Vern Addison and Rick Ayres are inducted into the WCC Hall of Fame at the LAPL hosted event at the Grand Vista Hotel in July.  For the first time, excerpts of the ceremony are posted on YouTube.  Both inductees have more than twenty-five years of loyal membership and have many playing accomplishments.  Both have been Captains and players at numerous sponsor locations.  They have attended, supported and had significant playing accomplishments at all levels of our League.  In July '08: Bill Hoover receives praise and accolades from the West Coast Challenge delegation at the LAPL hosted event held at the arena Sports Bar & Grill celebrating his fifty seasons on our Board of Governors.  He has served an unsurpassed seventeen terms as President, held every office on the Board of Governors including distinguished, multi-term tenures as Statistician and Vice President, Publisher of the Guide, and service as the Chief Team Judge at numerous West Coast Challenges.  He is surprised and surrounded by an honorary delegation composed of eight current and former Presidents of our League.  Michael Pfannenstiel and Gibbi Tkatch comfortably snare the WCC Hi/Lo trophy at the Grand Vista Hotel. Dale Beatie prevails over Lucky Butler (Long Beach) for his second WCC Open Individual title.

Fall 2008: Austin Griffin, one of our five founders, two term President, longtime Governor of the League, Statistician, and Fall 1991 Marvin Beisel Award winner, passes.  Willie and Terri Farrell, Penthouse Billiards owners, are presented with the John E. Isakson Award for exceptional support from a sponsor.  At WCC LVIII - San Francisco (January 2009), Anna Tkatch and Joe Bertoldo
capture the Hi/Lo.  Malisa Mapu triumphs with her third Women's Open championship.

Spring 2009: Former president and Motherlode Captain, Janell McKane, along with teammates Kirk Hill, Randy Schrier and Jimmy Dower, receive a well-deserved "Special Recognition Award" as a tribute to their many years together and in appreciation of their devotion to the League.  They have alternately represented the Spike, 7702, Motherlode and now Penthouse Billiards.  At the same
awards banquet on May 19th, the John E. Isakson Memorial Award, reserved for contributions by a sponsor, is presented to Gibbi Tkatch/Hot Shot Billiards.

Fall 2009: Tim Clark and Cliff Giles, Jr., assume the responsibility of co-producing the Guide after a hand-off from longtime Publisher, Bill Hoover.  Paladino's joins our list of Sponsors.  John Cochran retires temporarily from the Board concluding his seventh non-consecutive term as President and nearly 30 seasons on the Board of Governors.  The December 15th Awards Banquet celebrating the League's 72nd season is held at the MoonShadow Lounge including a tearful farewell from departing owners Cindy and Sharon.  A section of the night's program is carved out to praise retiring member Frank Bustamante for his 32 consecutive years of loyal membership.  He is presented with a "Special Recognition Award" along with a substantial contribution to his medical fund.  On the Fall '09
election ballot, the members ratify the re-titling of the "Sportsmanship Award" in Frank's honor.  Former Presidents and teammates attend from far and wide.  Bryan Haneiwich wins his first LAPL Open Individual title.  Ginger Lewis captures the Women's title at WCC LX in Long Beach (January 2010).  Spring 1975 LaVoie winner and Gold Coast owner Joe Salley passes.

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