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In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory of our former L.A.P.L. Members:


Revised and maintained by Jeffrey Hersh and Bryan Haneiwich


Austin Griffin (Fall 2008)
Bart Weiss
Bill Dwinell
Bill Ford
Bill Murray
Billy Tetrick
Bob Buldoc ("Cowboy")
Bob Marx
Bob Miller
Bruce Proctor
Buck Buzick
Buck Rogers
Cesar Rodriguez
"Chance" (Dean)
Chris Shepherd
Dale Correll (May 8th, 2001)
Dan Collett
Dan Fowler
Dan Waldo
David Rivas
David Kyser
David Rivas
Donnie Greenfield (1994)
Don Robertson
Doug Heaney (Spring 1994)
Elna "Mom" Licuanan
Emiel Adels
Frank Parsons
Frank Tutewohl
Gary Bond
Gil Banaga
Greg Hammond
Hilary Bennet-Coles
Jack McCann (2011)
Jay Belleville (October 1st 2002)
Jesse Scroggins
Jim Sell
Joe Salley
John Duncan
John Strassburg
John Watson
John Wu (January 1996)
Keith Clements
Ken Hicks
Lawrence Bond
Lee Hampshire
Lew Rafkin
Mahlon Landry
Mark Ashland
Marvin Beisel (Fall 1995)
Michael Rodriguez
Mike DeMott
Mike LaVoie (September 2011)
Mike Schmidt
Paul Stromberg
Ralph Hansen
Randy Cox
Robert Dejong (October 2011)
Robert Cody Browning
Rod Lansing (December 2013)
Roderick Ewing
Rodney Taylor
Ron Pennington
Ron Van Steenburg
Rudy Chromchak
Russ Wittmyer
Seymour Morales
Sonny Miller
Steve McGuire
Stu Zinn
Tede-Lee Cogburn
Terry Church
Terry Ryan
Tim Schumann
Tim Turner
Tom Nicholson (Spring 2010)
Tome Fuller
Tony Taylor
Tony Wales (December 2010)
Victor A. Taylor
Wayne Beck
Wes Kuney
Zero Rosario

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