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Marvin Beisel Award

Marvin Beisel Award

"…..for unusual dedication to the League"

(established Spring 1985)

MarvinBeiselThe Marvin Beisel Award was established by a unanimous vote of the Captains at the Spring 1985 Registration Meeting. The honor is accorded to that member of the League who has, in the opinion of the Board of Governors, exhibited an "unusual dedication to the L.A. Pool League." Formerly known as the Mike LaVoie Award, it was renamed in Marvin's honor. Historically, nominations are submitted in writing by the membership during the regular season to the President. A vote of the Board, by secret ballot, is generally held immediately prior to the Awards Banquet.

The award honors Marvin for his extraordinary contributions. At the time, he had served an unprecedented six terms as "Secretary" (now called "President" to be consistent with our West Coast Challenge member Leagues), designed our official logo, constructed the format of our weekly standings, and established the GUIDE in Spring 1982 providing us with the first six editions. His column in DATA BOY titled "Cues Nues" ran for more than three years providing news of League events and a host of humorous anecdotes.  As our League historian, he preserved our records and conducted research on missing information.

He was presented with the Mike LaVoie Award twice, the Sportsmanship Award and four Special Recognition Awards.

The membership acknowledged that his standard of excellence could be preserved in perpetuity by naming the League's most prestigious service award in his honor.

With the League experiencing a normal evolution of its membership, the newer players may not be aware of Marvin's prior contributions. With this award, we strive to perpetuate his towering legacy.

Since the establishment of this award, the Governors have selected the following 12 recipients:

Wayne L. Babin Fall 1985  President of the League
Jeffrey E. Hersh Spring 1986 Vice President of the  League
Bill Hoover Fall 1986 President of the League
John E. Isakson Fall 1987 Treasurer of the League
Austin N. Griffin Fall 1991 One of the five Founders of the League
Douglas M. Heaney Fall 1993 Statistician of the League
Dale Correll Fall 1995 President of the League
John Cochran Fall 1998 President of the League
Jeffrey Hersh Fall 2007 President of the League
Bill Dehn Fall 2012 Charter Member
Janell McKane Spring 2015 Former President of the League
Russ Pepin Spring 2017 Former Vice President of the League


Pictures of former recipients:

Bill Hoover Bill Dehn and Jeffrey HershdouglasheaneyBA



austingriffinBA   waynebabinaustingriffinBA



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