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WCC (61- Today)

Team Individual Women Hi - Lo

July 9-11, 2010

Grand Vista Hotel

LB-Tommy”s Angels

Tom Downey
Tammi Hopkins 
Tommy Punzalan
Richard Walker
Brook Thomason 
Jesse Mujica


1st-  Ben Pham (SD)

2nd- Rick Ayres (LA)

3rd- Dave Timko (SF)

4th- Jeffrey Hersh (LA)

5th- Dan Campbell (LB)

6th- Lucky Butler (LB)

7th- Ernie Elliott (SD)

8th- Tony Wales (LA)


1st- Lauren Ward (LB)

2nd- Annette Smith (LB)

3rd- Gina Zide (SD)

4th- Fran Herman (SF)


Tom King and Norma Posy (SD)







January 7-9, 2011

Hotel Whitcomb

SF-Martin Mack’s Heat

Diogo Martini
Anthony Pancharoen
Justin Puryear
Ernesto Reyes
Thayer McDougle
Dave Schroerlucke


1st-  Seamus Timmins (SF)

2nd- Rob Leahy (LA)

3rd- Lam Quoc (LB)

4th- Phil Burns (LB)

5th- Ernie Elliott (SD)

6th- Martin Barron (SF)

7th- Russ Peppin (LA)

8th- Tommy Nguyen (LB)


1st- Lauren Ward (LB)

2nd- Annette Smith (LB)

3rd- Tanner Retherford (SF)

4th- Pat Lowery (SD)


Michelle Hironimus and Skinner Arteaga (SF)


July 8-10, 2011

Town & Country Hotel

LB-Tommy’s Angels

Tom Downey
Tammi Hopkins 
Tommy Punzalan
Brook Thomason 
Jesse Mujica
Phil Burns


1st- Nick Downey (LB)

2nd- Dave Timko (SF)

3rd- Dan Campbell (LB)

4th- Lauren Ward (LB)

5th- Bryan Haneiwich (LA)

6th- Ernie Elliott (SD)

7th- Michael Gressett (LB)

8th- Gordon Byom (SD)


1st- Tanner Retherford (SF)

2nd- Pat Lowery (SD)

3rd- Malisa Mapu (LA)

4th- Janet Bigley (LB)


Mark Miller and Jeff Fresnova (SF)


January 6-8, 2012

Holiday Inn Long Beach Airport 


Joe Corder
Kim Walker
Joe Myers
Stevan Bailey




1st- Luis Abarca (SD)

2nd- Dave Schroerlucke (SF)

3rd- Ricky Man (LA)

4th- Ed Sinchai (SF)

5th- Aaron Remijio (LB)

6th- Bryan Haneiwich (LA)

7th- Brent Howard (LB)

8th- Richard Walker (LB)


1st- Lauren Ward (LB)

2nd- Saeromi Kim (LA)

3rd- Khanh Ngo (SF)

4th- Malisa Mapu (LA)


Ray Almanza and Joe Olivas (SF)


July 6-8, 2012

La Quinta Inn LAX 

LB - 1 Rack 10 Balls

Tom Downey
Brook Thomason
Tommy Punzalan
Phil Burns
Dan Campbell
Jacqui Carrasquillo 


1st- Lauren Ward (LB)

2nd- Nakib Chowdhury (LA)

3rd- Jesse Lafear (SF)

4th- Dave Sherry (LB)

5th- Jeramy Staton (SD)

6th- Bryan Haneiwich (LA)

7th- Tommy Nguyen (LB)

8th- Mike Maxwell (SF)


1st- Patty West (SF)

2nd- Reyleen Jimenez (LA)

3rd- Pat Lowery (SD)

4th- Rachel Dickinson (SD)


Gibbi Tkatch and Dennis Ryan (LA)


January 11-13, 2013

Hotel Whitcomb 

LB - 1 Rack 10 Balls

Tom Downey
Brook Thomason
Tommy Punzalan
Phil Burns
Dan Campbell
Jacqui Carrasquillo 




1st- Jesse Lafear (SF)

2nd- Mike Maxwell (SF)

3rd- Luis Abarca (SD)

4th- Rick Ayres (LA)

5th- Nick Downey (LB)

6th- Gordon Byom (SD)

7th- Lauren Ward (LB)

8th- Yoli Handoko (SF)


1st- Amy Peterson (SF)

2nd- Patty West (SF)

3rd- Khanh Ngo (SF)

4th- Mele DeVictoria (LB)


Ed Sinchai and Bob Schnatterly (SF)


July 12-14, 2013

The Sheraton Hotel 

LB - The Dukes of Downey

Tom Downey
Nick Downey
Thomas "Trip" Downey III
Dan Campbell
Jacob Lorta 




1st- Ernie Elliott (SD)

2nd- Skinner Arteaga (SF)

3rd- Jeramy Staton (SD)

4th- Tammi Hopkins (LB)

5th- Ben Pham (SD)

6th- Luis Abarca (SD)

7th- Jeffrey Hersh (LA)

8th- Lee Davis (SD)


1st- Brook Tomason (LB)

2nd- Reyleen Jimenz (LA)

3rd- Tima Fanning (LB)

4th- Mele DeVictoria (LB)


Mike Maxwell and Jaime Dizon (SF)


January 10-12, 2014

La Quinta Inn LAX 

SD - Hot Shotz


Luis Abarca
Jay Wunderl 
Anthony Juarez
Jeramy Staton
Ben Pham



1st- Tom Downey Jr. (LB)

2nd- Stevan Bailey (SD)

3rd- Mike Maxwell (SF)

4th- Dave Timco (SF)

5th- Pat Lowery (SD)

6th- Dave Sherry (LB)

7th- Lauren Ward (LB)

8th- Mike Johnson (SD)





1st- Janet Bigley (LB)

2nd- Rockey McCLuskey (SD)

3rd- Michelle Hironimus (SF)

4th- Malisa Mapu (LB)


Tory Ramirez & Joelle Sullivan (LB)


July 11-13, 2014

La Quinta Inn LAX 

SF - Lucky Horseshoe

Mark Cooper
Jesse Lafear
Danny Mullan
Joe Olivas
Bob Simon



1st- Joe Myers (SD)

2nd- Arnell Ferry (LA)

3rd- Nick Downey (LB)

4th- Lauren Ward (LB)

5th- Anthony Juarez (SD)

6th- Gabriel Rodriquez (LA)

7th- Skinner Arteaga (SF)

8th- Thayer McDougle (SF)


1st- Rachel Dickinson (SD)

2nd- Reyleen Jimenez (LA)

3rd- Meta Nueshuler (SD)

4th- Pat Lowrey (SD)


Christi Ross and Joe Corder (SD)


January 9-11, 2015

Hyatt Regency Embarcadero

SF - Usual Suspects

David Schroerlucke
Yoli Handoko
Diogo Martini
Anthony Pancharoen
Ed Sanchai


1st- Jesse Lafear (SF)

2nd- Danny Mullan (SF)

3rd- Jeff Fresnoza (SF)

4th- Evan Burgess (SF)

5th- Tom Seymour (SF)

6th- Mark O'Brien (SD)

7th- Michael Loyer (SD)

8th- Bryan Haneiwich (LA)


1st- Khahn Ngo (SF)

2nd- Lauren Ward (LB)

3rd- Joina Liao (SF)

4th- Gerlie Mendoza (SF)


Mike Maxwell and Michelle Hironimus (SF)


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