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Mike LaVoie Award

Mike LaVoie (Perseverance) Award

"……..for unusual dedication to pool"

(established Spring 1974)


During the Spring '74 season, this award was established to honor individual contributions to our League. Although the earliest recipients may have been honored for somewhat more humorously connected events, they were still recognized for their "unusual dedication to pool." It evolved to be more closely identified with an "unusual dedication to the League."


Nominees for this honor are submitted by the membership to our Board of Governors for their consideration and a vote. Although this award remains an option to be given to one of our members, it has essentially been retired and replaced by the Marvin Beisel Award. However, in no way is this meant to diminish the essential contributions of the previous recipients.  We continue to honor and thank them by listing their names and the season they were recognized.


Mike LaVoie Spring 1974 Charter member of the League
Bob Smith Fall 1974 Charter member of the League
Joe Salley Spring 1975  Co-owner of the Gold Coast
Beau McCuistion & Jim Sells Fall 1975
Larry Hall Spring 1976
Carlos Navarrete Fall 1976 Former member of the Board of Governors
George Savage   Fall 1978
Austin Griffin Fall 1978 Founder of the League
Don Carrier Spring 1979 Supporter
Lee Petrovich Fall 1979 Founder of the League
Marvin Beisel Spring 1980 President of the League
Bob Holden Spring 1981 Member of the Board of Governors
Marvin Beisel Fall 1981 President of the League
Roy Hutchison Spring 1982 Member of the Board of Governors
Richard Griffin & Wes Kuney Spring 1983 Sponsors/Griff's & Bunkhouse
Bill Dehn Fall 1983 President of the League
•Tony Lobene Spring 1991 Service to the League
















•(died the morning of the Awards Banquet at Griff's)



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