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Dan Reiser

It is with great sorrow that I report the passing of our former League member Dan Reiser. Although he and his husband Charles Brown moved to New York nearly fifteen years ago, we wish to recognize their active and enthusiastic play and support of our League for many years. Rick and I visited them numerous times in New York in recent years.

DanReiserCharles and Dan March 1988

Dan suffered an unexpected and sudden heart attack last night in New York. He was 49 years young with no prior history of health issues. How tragic.
Dan and Charles, Rick Ayres, Tony Wales and I played for years as a team from the Lodge. Dan and Charles initially joined the League from the Westside Bar and subsequently moved to the Mother Lode along with Doug Heaney (former member of the BOG and Marvin Beisel honoree). We later joined them at the In Touch Lounge which became the MoonShadow Lounge and now the Other Door.
It is difficult to measure the impact former players have on our history. Life goes on and the new members have never met their predecessors. They are part of a large group that supported the foundation of our League in the early 1980s and beyond. They were part of the golden years of the League when we had nearly 60 teams.
As one of their former team members along with my hubby Rick Ayres, and as a former historian of the League, we mourn the passing of Dan Reiser.
Jeffrey Hersh

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