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In Memory of Russ and Brad


Week Eight Spring 2017

Dear LAPL Members,

Attached are stats for week eight.

Next Fundraiser: "Pick-A-Partner Tournament" will be held Sunday, April 2 at Jerry’s Family Billiards with sign up at 11am and start time at 12 pm. Please bring a friend and introduce them to the LA Pool League.

Congratulations to the winners of our 8-Ball Tournament:

1st: Arnell Ferry;
2nd: James Prather;
3rd: Monty Kimball and
4th: Justin Yau.

Thanks to everyone that came out and to The Eagle LA for hosting us.

Board of Governors Nominations: The following individuals have nominated themselves for a seat in the board of governors: Kerri Frasca, Gibbi Tkatch, Cliff Giles, Jr.. If you are interested in running for the Board, please write your name on the scoresheet or let one of your BOG members know.

Till next time, shoot well and have fun.

Al Ballesteros

Board of Governors

  • Al B
    Al Ballesteros

  • player
    Allen Mantalbano
     VP Fundraising 
  • player

    Arturo Carrillo

  • Gibbi Tkatch

    Gibbi Tkatch

    Rules and Protest
  • cgiles
    Cliff Giles, Jr.
  • player
    Kerri Frasca
  • Malisa Mapu

    Malisa Mapu

    Playoff Chair

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