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The LAPL had a fantastic showing at WCC LXXII in Long Beach.  

We took home three of the Individual trophies and the Hi-Lo Championship.


2nd Place Individual Jose Torres came from the losers side and took the winner to hill-hill in the second match.  
6th Place Individual Michael Burritt (First WCC Trophy!)
7th Place Individual Ray Brewer (First WCC Trophy!)

1st Place Hi-Lo Team of Bryan Haneiwich and Brian N. LoTruglio

Way to go LA!!







January 8 – 10, 2016
Golden Sails Hotel
6285 Pacific Coast Highway

Long Beach, CA 90803



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SF - Route 101 Raw Hides

Captian-Jerry Ball
Ovy Gheorghioiu
Mike Maxwell
Dave Timko
Dave Schroerlucke
Tom Seymour














Open Individuals




          1st Place -  Nick Downey (LB)
          2nd Place - Jose Torres (LA)
          3rd Place -  Thayer McDougle (SF)
          4th Place -  Mark Jones (SD)
          5th Place -  Kim Walker (SD)
          6th Place -  Michael Burritt (LA)
          7th Place -  Ray Brewer (LA)
          8th Place -  Lauren Ward (LB)




Women's Individuals



          1st Place  -  Stephanie Sparks (LB)
          2nd Place -  Crystal Kelem (SF)
          3rd Place -  Joan Moran (LB)
          4th Place -  Rene Hagaman (LB)









1st  Place -  Bryan Haneiwich / Brian N. LoTruglio (LA)
2nd Place -  Adam Simpson / Salvador Miranda (SF)
3rd  Place -  Dennis Ryan / Christina Garcia  (LB)
4th  Place -  Gordon Byom / Alger Pike (SD)












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