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WCC LXXI Results


The LAPL had a fantastic showing at WCC LXXI in San Diego.  We took home half of the Individual trophies and half of the Womens trophies including the women's championship.


7th Individual Jose Torres (1st WCC Trophy!)
5th Individual Jon Bourgault
4th Individual Cliff Giles, Jr. (1st WCC Trophy!)
3rd Julian Auzenne

3rd Place Women Lori Perry
Womens Champion!  April Garcia (1st WCC Trophy!)


Way to go LA!!



 WCC LXXI LAtrophy winners 

 WCC LXXI womenschamp



June 26 – 28, 2015
Mission Valley Resort
875 Hotel Circle S
San Diego, CA 92108



Click on a picture or bracket for the full size version!


SD - Hot Shots

Captian-Luis Abarca
Ben Pham
Joe Myers
Stevan Bailey
Don Mauer
Ernie Elliott













WCC LXXI teambracket

Open Individuals




          1st Place -  Nick Downey (LB)
          2nd Place - Jeff  Fresnoza (SF)
          3rd Place -  Julian Auzenne (LA)
          4th Place -  Cliff Giles, Jr. (LA)
          5th Place -  Jon Bourgault (LA)
          6th Place -  Allan Badillo (SD)
          7th Place -  Jose Torres (LA)
          8th Place -  Joe Corder (SD)



WCC LXXI individuals
  WCC LXXI individualsbracket

Women's Individuals



          1st Place  -  April Garcia (LA)
          2nd Place -  Gerlie Mendoza (SF)
          3rd Place -  Lorri Perry (LA)
          4th Place -  Michelle Hironimus (SF)





WCC LXXI topwonen
   WCC LXXI womensbracket




1st  Place -  Gordon Byom/Duane Hall (SD)
2nd Place -  Skinner Arteaga/Mikki Paull (SF)
3rd  Place -  Russ Pepin/Kerri Frasca (LA)
4th  Place -  Janet Murray Roberts/Charlie Trip (LB)








 WCC LXXI hilo
   WCC LXXI hilo bracket




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