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WCC LXX Results


The LAPL Congratulates Bryan Haneiwich for 8th place in the open individuals and our only trophy winner this season.  Jon Bourgault's Oxwood team should also be congratulated as they won 2 matches eliminating Long Beach and San Diego before finally falling to San Francisco in the finals.  


wcctrophies2  SF2014BH 




January 9 – 11, 2015
Hyatt Regency Embarcadero
5 Embarcadero Center
San Francisco, CA 94111



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SF - Usual Suspects

David Schroerlucke
Yoli Handoko
Diogo Martini
Anthony Pancharoen
Ed Sanchai














Open Individuals




          1st Place -  Jesse Lafear (SF)
          2nd Place - Danny Mullan (SF)
          3rd Place -  Jeff Fresnoza (SF)
          4th Place -  Evan Burgess (SF)
          5th Place -  Tom Seymour (SF)
          6th Place -  Mark O'Brien (SD)
          7th Place -  Michael Loyer (SD)
          8th Place -  Bryan Haneiwich (LA)




Women's Individuals



          1st Place  -  Khahn Ngo (SF)
          2nd Place -  Lauren Ward (LB)
          3rd Place -  Joina Liao (SF)
          4th Place -  Gerlie Mendoza (SF)









1st  Place -  Mike Maxwell and Michelle Hironimus (SF)
2nd Place -  Jorge Calvo and Christi Ross (SD)
3rd  Place -  Arnell Ferry and Saeromi Kim (LA)
4th  Place -  Pearl Tripp and Sal Morales












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