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History of the LAPL - 2010's

Written by Jeffy Hersh League Historian.


Spring 2010: Phil Stephens assumes the Presidency ushering in a wave of new energy, ideas and tournaments. Schesary Berrios tackles the Statistician's post. We enter the age of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Jon Bourgault (appointed Webmaster) and Tim Clark contribute mightily to yet another major revamping of the League's web site. The members vote to institute a revised "time out" system allowing four "30 second" periods on a one season trial basis. Motherlode withdraws as a Sponsor after a long history with us beginning with the Fall 1984 season. Longtime member Tom Nicholson succumbs to many years of heart disease. Frank Bustamante loses his valiant struggle with Leukemia. Vice President Brian LoTruglio relocates to New York. Malisa Mapu is elected to her first term as League Auditor lifting a multi-term service position from charter member, Bill Dehn. We host the WCC returning to Simi Valley at the Grand Vista Hotel's "Arena Sports Bar & Grill" in July. Dale Beatie and Gibbi Tkatch are inducted into the WCC Hall of Fame. Dale's resumé now includes two WCC Open Individual titles, tied with LA's Tony Wales. His six LAPL Open Individual titles tie him with Stevan Bailey; one back from Frank Bustamante's seven wins and five behind the all time leader, Jack Frohman, with a seemingly impassable eleven. Gibbi's service on the Board has included Rules & Protest Chair and Playoff Chair.


Fall 2010: Gabor Panczel steps in to publish the Guide with the help of Tim Clark and Cliff Giles, Jr. The "four '30 second' time out" rule is renewed by the membership. A "Last Chance" event is held for any players that have never participated in a West Coast Challenge event. This replaces the .500 and under tournament. The winner takes the "eighth place" Open Individual slot. Roosterfish player Jim Stramel takes the honors.  Steve Duckman, John Cochran and Russ Pepin top the Fall BOG ballot. Terms are effective January 9, 2011.  In December, long-time members George O'Hara and Tony Wales pass suddenly. George served more than 20 years as Head Supervisor for the 9 Ball League. His major contribution was the many years of service as Secretary to our 8 Ball League. He maintained and preserved meticulous records which were found at the time of his passing. Tony was a strong-willed competitor and high performer. He won several LAPL Open titles and two WCC Individual championships.  Oxwood hosts the Awards Banquet as MoonShadow transitions to new ownership. A Gold Coast team, Captained by Manager Jake Fisher, wins team championship for the first time in League history. Julian Auzenne captures the LAPL individual title.

In December, our League accepts a challenge to send a squad of players to the Palm Springs Invitational. Our group, was organized in great part by the efforts of Tim Clark and Steve Duckman.  The composite LA team  (Malisa Mapu, Cliff Giles, Jr., Bryan Haneiwich and Julian Auzenne) swamps the competition. Individuals stroked  very well seizing the top three slots (Rob Leahy, Julian Auzenne and Jon Bourgault). Paul Kutak (Oxwood) won the Rising Star event. A great time was had by all.


Spring 2013: At the spring membership meeting, a "restricted" Special Needs Account is created.  The Board will determine the recipients.  Bryan Haneiwich is elected as Webmaster.  He is subsequently presented with a Special Recognition Award at the May Awards Banquet (Oxwood) affirming his ongoing, superb efforts in the maintenance and reorganization of the League website.  Bill Hoover concludes his twentieth term as President.  The membership honors him at the Spring banquet.  The Spring BOG election brings us a new member: Matt Reilly.  The other three slots are won by Schesary Berrios Jake Fisher and Dennis Ryan.  Steve Duckman wins the "Last Chance" qualifier.  He is awarded the eighth place Open individual slot.  Rayleen Jiminez captures second place in the WCC Women's Open in San Diego.

The Palms Bar, the first bar in Los Angeles catering to a primarily Lesbian clientele, closes on June 9th (Gay Pride day!) after 45 years.  The original owners, Butch Gottlieb and Jack Frohman, also operated the Four Star Saloon (now Mickey's); a major sponsor in the 1970s and 1980s.

In July 2013, Dennis Ryan informs the Board that he is moving to Long Beach.  The Board selects Julian Auzenne to fill out his term.  The Board elevates Brad Camac to serve as President for the Fall 2013 term as we begin our 80th season!

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