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Congratulations to Gold Coast 15 for winning the team championship.

Jake Fisher
Aaron Amaral
Brian LoTruglio
Darren Kendrick
Gabriel Rodriguez
Jefferson Javier
Mike Harris

Also congratulations to our top individuals.

1st place  -  Al Ballesteros
2nd place -  Cliff Giles, Jr
3rd place  -  Gibbi Tkatch
4th place  -  Saeromi Kim



Dear 9 Ball Players,

Hey people, we are having the open individuals for 9 ball this Sunday. All you need is to have played 4 games in the season to qualify. This is going to be a great tournament so come out and participate. The tournament will be played at Jerry's Family Billiards, located at 1312 N. Lake, Pasadena, CA 91104.

We will be playing on six diamond tables, some of the best we've seen so far. We will have registration at 10 am with play starting at 11. So, the tournament will go fast. And - here's what's even better. The LAPL will pick up all the table time for the tournament. So, nothing out of your pockets for play.

This will be a race to 5; double elimination. Jerry's has expressed interest in being a venue of the LAPL. It would be great to get your feedback after this tournament given this provides an opportunity to have larger tournaments for the LAPL, quicker events as there are more tables and grow our league. Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Al Ballesteros 
LAPL President

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