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In Memory of Russ and Brad


Week Three Fall 2017

Dear LAPL members,

Welcome to the third week of stats.  Captains remember to please ensure your players are on our email list.  It is the best source of communications from our league.  

October 7 End of Summer Pool Party:  The LAPL will be hosting a special event, with swimming, a BBQ, drinks and Billiards in a private residence in the Hollywood Hills.  This event is to raise funds for league activities and the 2018 Summer West Coast Challenge that LA will be responsible for putting together.  Get your tickets from either Allen Montalbano or Al Ballesteros and you can also email us here.  Tickets will be $30 per person.  If you would like to contribute a raffle item, email us here as well.  

Results from our Sunday 9-Ball Tournament:  A big congratulations to Inmar Martinez from Jerry's Y-Unit team for taking first place in our 9-ball mini tournament.  Inmar played great and was king of the hill.  Coming in second was Jose Torres who battled back to a tied, hill/hill final match.  In third place was Malisa Mapu and in fourth was Al Ballesteros.  Thanks to Jerry's Billiards for hosting us and to all who came out to play.


Next Tournament:  This Sunday, September 17 at the Eagle LA with sign up at 12 noon and play at 1 pm.  This tournament is called Sudden Death.  A pool tournament using 15 marked balls and the cue (white) ball.  Successfully pocket any called out ball.  If you miss, you receive a strike.  Three strikes and you are out.  

BOG Nominations:   If you would like to serve as a member of the Board, Nominations will open on the fifth night of play for three seats.  Write your name on the scoresheet on week 5-7 if interested.  

New Venues and Players:  Please help us to recruit new players and venues.  If you know of players interested in our league, please pass those names on to our BOG by emailing us here.  During our weekly games, there are often spectators or customers in the venues who are curious and approach our players.  We need your help to ask these interested people to email us here or collect their info and send it to us.  Thanks for your help.

Till next time, keep your eye on the ball, play well and have fun.  

Sincerely yours,
Al Ballesteros

Check out this team spirit!  Hats off to Ran Refael's team Jerry's Kids for great T-Shirts and Team Spirit!


Board of Governors

  • Al B
    Al Ballesteros

  • player
    Allen Mantalbano
     VP Fundraising 
  • player

    Arturo Carrillo

  • Gibbi Tkatch

    Gibbi Tkatch

    Rules and Protest
  • cgiles
    Cliff Giles, Jr.
  • player
    Kerri Frasca
  • Malisa Mapu

    Malisa Mapu

    Playoff Chair

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