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Season Starting

Dear LAPL Members: 
League Play Starts Tuesday, August 29 The Los Angeles Pool League will begin its Fall 2017 Season this Tuesday on August 29 for the first week of play.   All teams will play at their Home Bars/Locations against their "sister" teams.  Please check out the website to see if you play home or away.  Captains: Please write the names and email addresses of all your teammates on your score sheets so we can add them to our data base for weekly stats and news.  You can also email the names and emails to our list at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   
This season, we have 18 teams signed up for the season, up from 14 last season.  We also have several new members spread throughout the league, a returning Sponsor, Little Joy, which last played in the league nearly 20 years ago.  Little Joy is located in Echo Park, at 1477 W. Sunset Blvd., just east of Echo Park avenue at Portia.  We are happy to have them back in our league again and the bar's owner Don came to our member's meeting and is also captaining one of the Little Joy teams.   
We continue looking for players who want to sign up for a team.  We anticipate that we can fill teams with alternates and at least one team is in need of two players.  So, if you know people, please refer them.  Send post this information on your Face book pages and get your contacts involved with the league.     
Actions from Member's Meeting:  The member's voted to instruct the Board of Governors to investigate what would be needed to move the LA Pool League to a BCA Sanctioned League.  As part of this action, the BOG will gather information from the BCA on being sanctioned, i.e., costs, reporting, ranking of players and what players would need to do to accomplish this.  As part of this due diligence, the BOG will also survey the members, likely in week 3 or 4 to ascertain their thoughts and desires about the LAPL becoming BCA sanctioned league.  Should the a fuller survey of the membership indicate a desire of movement towards BCA sanction, the Board of Governors will begin the work of acquiring this designation. 
East / West Division:  This season, the BOG voted to split the LA Pool League into two divisions, so as to minimize the travel time for teams to get to locations to play their games.  As such, we have created a West Hollywood/Silver Lake Division, and an Eastern Pasadena Division which will play its games out of Jerry's Billiards.  We have structured the play schedule so as to keep the West and East Games mostly separate.  For the purposes of ranking, the two divisions will come together in one weekly ranking from 1st to 18th place, in addition to the division ranking.   
Our First Mini Tournament was  held August 27:  Our first eight ball tournament was held at Jerry's Billiards in Pasadena with 20 players participating.  We want to thank the new players who came out.  In the end, Ran Raphael won fourth place; Arnell Ferry took third; Al Ballesteros, took second and Jose Torres took first.  It was a fun tournament and everyone shot real well. 
9 Ball Individual Winners:  Steve Duckman was third place, Ran Raphael took Second and Gibbi Tkatch took first place.  Congratulations. 
The Los Angeles Pool League is a non-profit organization.  This is a volunteer-run organization and all members work on a voluntary basis and there are no paid staff.  All funds collected from teams are used to pay for trophies, our awards party and to send our players to the West Coast Challenge to compete against other players state-wide.  
I hope you have a great season.  Please shoot well and have fun.
Al Ballesteros, President

Board of Governors

  • Al B
    Al Ballesteros

  • player
    Allen Mantalbano
     VP Fundraising 
  • player

    Arturo Carrillo

  • Gibbi Tkatch

    Gibbi Tkatch

    Rules and Protest
  • cgiles
    Cliff Giles, Jr.
  • player
    Kerri Frasca
  • Malisa Mapu

    Malisa Mapu

    Playoff Chair

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