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In Memory of Russ and Brad


Dear LAPL Members,

We are sorry to inform you that Brad Camac long-time member of the pool league has passed away. Brad was the captain of Trunk's "Russfull" team. Brad was a dedicated member of the pool league and he served six terms on the Board of Governors and three terms as President of the League. Our deepest condolences to his family, friends and team members. Brad will be missed.

We do not have any additional information about planned services at this time. When we do, we will send that information out.

Al Ballesteros

Obituary Link

Brad Camac

Dear Friends,

It is with regret we announce that Russ Pepin passed last night at about 7:30 PM at home.  Russ was a long-time LAPL member and past board member.  Over the last several days many of our league members, past and present visited Russ and provided support to his caregivers Brad Camac and Jake Fisher.  Russ knew our collective presence was with him during this time.  He will be missed.





The Fall 2017 LAPL season is in the books.  Here are the winners!!
See the bracket here
Team Winner is: Stroke of Genuis
Captian Al Ballesteros
Bryan Haneiwich
Cliff Giles, Jr
David Boyd
Gibbi Tkatch
Jose Torres

The Open Individual winners are:
See the bracket here
1st  Tommy Nguyen
2nd Gabriel Rodriguez
3rd  Marvin Amador
4th  Schesary Berrios
5th  Tre Rounds
6th  Jon Bourgault
7th  Malisa Mapu

8th and 1st alternate for WCC Siva Bodapati

Last Chance winner and 8th place WCC Open Individual slot
See the bracket here 
Inmar Martinez

Women's Individuals winners are:
See the bracket here
1st  Saeromi Kim
2nd Lori Perry
3rd  Kerri Frasca
4th  Marisol Lopez

Hi-Lo winners are:
See the bracket here
1st Place Ran Rafael and Ray Brewer

Board of Governors

  • Al B
    Al Ballesteros

  • player
    Allen Mantalbano
     VP Fundraising 
  • player

    Arturo Carrillo

  • Gibbi Tkatch

    Gibbi Tkatch

    Rules and Protest
  • cgiles
    Cliff Giles, Jr.
  • player
    Kerri Frasca
  • Malisa Mapu

    Malisa Mapu

    Playoff Chair

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